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One Direction Questions

  1. Leave a number in my askbox and I'll answer it!:
  2. 1. Since when are you a fan?
  3. 2. How long are you in the fandom?
  4. 3. Why are you fan?
  5. 4. How did you become a fan?
  6. 5. Do you ship something? If you, do you ship it as romance or bromance?
  7. 6. Who is your OTP?
  8. 7. Why do you have this blog?
  9. 8. Have you ever cried over One Direction?
  10. 9. What makes you happy about One Direction?
  11. 10. Favourite GIF's of each member?
  12. 11. Favourite HD pics of each member
  13. 12. Favourite pics of each member
  14. 13. Favourite photo shoot of One Direction?
  15. 14. Have you ever been to a concert? If you have, what means it to you?
  16. 15. Are you going to a one direction concert?
  17. 16. What would you do on a meet and greet with One Direction?
  18. 17. Have you ever met One Direction in real life? If yes, when, where, what did you do...etc
  19. 18. Which music video is your favourite?
  20. 19. Do you have a lot of merch of One Direction?
  21. 20. What do you love the most about this fandom?
  22. 21. What do you hate the most about this fandom?
  23. 22. Do you think you're too young/old for this fandom?
  24. 23. If you had to chose ONE member, who would you marry?
  25. 24. Ever had sexual thoughts about the members of one direction?
  26. 25. If you had to chose one of the members of One Direction, with who would you have sex with?
  27. 26. Who is your fav girlfriend at the moment?
  28. 27. What is your favourite fanfiction of 1D?
  29. 28. What is your favourite romance fanfiction of 1D?
  30. 29. What is your favourite fanvideo of 1D?
  31. 30. What is your favourite fanart of 1D?
  32. 31. Have you met one of your online fellow fans in real life?
  33. 32. What is your favourite gay romance fanfiction of 1D?
  34. 33. If you weren't a big fan of one Direction, where would you have been a big fan of?
  35. 34. Did you ever have a dream about one direction? So yes, where was it about?
  36. 35. What's your favourite song of the Up All Night album?
  37. 36. What's your favourite song of the Take Me Home album?
  38. 37. What's your favourite song of the Midnight Memories album?
  39. 38. Do you have a fanaccount on twitter or instagram? So yes, what's your username(s)?
  40. 39. Do you think One Direction will ever split up?
  41. 40. If Zayn was a horse, would you ride him?
  42. 41. If Louis was an animal, what would he be?
  43. 42. If Harry was a fruit, what would he be?
  44. 43. If Niall was candy, what would he be?
  45. 44. What is the best tweet from Liam?
  46. 45. What is your favourite interview of One Direction?
  47. 46. Favourite One Direction moment?
  48. 47. Favourite quote of a member of One Direction?
  49. 48. Favourite hair on Harry/Louis/Liam/Zayn/Niall?
  50. 49. Have you ever started a fake rumour?
  51. 50. Did One Direction save your life?

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